Prof. Christelle Prinz

Solid State Physics


PhD Students:

Therese Olsson: therese.olsson[at]

Frida Ekstrand: frida.ekstand[at]



Diogo Volpati: diogo.volpati[at]

Elke Hebisch: elke.hebisch[at]

Mercy Lard: mercy.lard[at]


Past members:

Martin Hjort (now researcher at the medical faculty, Lund university)

Waldemar Hällström (now medical school student)

Henrik Persson (now Postdoc at the University of Toronto)

Aleksandra Dabkowska (now researcher at Astra Zeneca, Mölndal)

Gaëlle Piret (now PI at U1205 INSERM/UJF/CHU, Grenoble)

Karl Adolfsson (now signal processing engineer at Agellis AB)

Zhen Li (now project manager at Baxter)

Laura Abaruite (now at Phase holographic imaging AB)




Charlotte Ling (Lund Diabetes Center)

Thoas Fioretos (Clinical Genetics, Lund)

Tommy Nylander (Physical Chemistry, Lund)

Maria-Thereza Perez (Ophthalmology, Lund)

Chris Madsen (Cancer and matrix remodelling)

Magnus Borgström (Physics, Lund)

Heiner Linke (Physics, Lund)

Stina Oredsson (Cell Biology, Lund)

Stefan Hell (MPI Göttingen)

Udo Häcker (Developmental biology)

Kalle Åström (Mathematics, Lund)

Contact information

Photo Prinz Christelle

Christelle N. Prinz


Mailing address:

Division of Solid State Physics


Lund University

Box 118

221 00 Lund



Visiting address: 

Office B103

Department of Physics

Professorsgatan 1, Lund


Phone: +46 46 222 47 96

Email: christelle.prinz[at]